WordPress Images ERROR 404

Self note Scenario: Getting reports saying most of WordPress images ERROR 404. In fact, they are exists in /wp-content/uploads/* folders. Solutions: Failed — Disabled certain plugins, disabled all plugins, change uploads folder/files permission, modify .htaccess file, delete .htaccess file, change Permalinks settings to default, etc Success — Switched the PHP Date Format in General Settings from Custom … Continue reading WordPress Images ERROR 404

Linking (faking) a folder into OneDrive

In my case, I have a folder ("2015" in Pictures) which in a different partition. Installed OneDrive app, and I don't want to "move" the "2015" folder into "OneDrive\Pictures" as it will increase my C:\ drive usage. So, here is how I did, basically it's like "faking" a folder in "OneDrive\Pictures" Syntax: mklink [[/d] | [/h] | [/j]] <Link> … Continue reading Linking (faking) a folder into OneDrive

Tukar “bunyi sentuh” telefon Android

Mesti ada yang dah bosan dengar bunyi sentuh (touch sound) sama setiap kali menyentuh screen telefon kan? Lagi-lagi telefon samsung, rasa dah macam menyelam dalam air bunyi blup-blup-blup hehehe. Ok, ni ada tutorial mudah untuk menukar bunyi sentuh telefon Android anda. Akan tetapi, hanya boleh digunapakai oleh telefon yang sudah "root". Kalau belum, tak pasti … Continue reading Tukar “bunyi sentuh” telefon Android