Retrieve images URL from WordPress gallery using multiple IDs

This simple query is to retrieve images URL from WordPress gallery using multiple IDs. Quite useful to convert from gallery to individual images in a post.

The short-code of WordPress gallery looks similar as below:

[ gallery type="rectangular" link="file" size="full" ids="7513,7514,7515,7516,7517,7518,7519,7520,7521,7522,7523,7524,7526,7527,7528,7529,7530,7531,7532,7533,7534,7535,7536,7537,7538,7539,7540,7541,7542,7543,7544,7545,7546,7547,7548,7549,7550,7551,7552,7553"]

Copy the IDs without the quotes and paste into the following SQL script:

SELECT * FROM `wp_postmeta` WHERE `post_id` IN (7513,7514,7515,7516,7517,7518,7519,7520,7521,7522,7523,7524,7526,7527,7528,7529,7530,7531,7532,7533,7534,7535,7536,7537,7538,7539,7540,7541,7542,7543,7544,7545,7546,7547,7548,7549,7550,7551,7552,7553) AND `meta_key` = '_wp_attached_file'

The result would be similar to this:

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