Download all media from WordPress blog

A simple tutorial how to download all media from WordPress blog. The reason I use this method is because, I wanted to transfer all the media specifically from domain into my other web host. And due to limitation of free account users, I couldn’t access the media files by using any third party file manager such as FTP.

What we need:


1) Login to your account and export “All content” (My Sites > WP Admin > Tools > Export) — Save the exported file to a location where you can find it, easily

2) Rename the saved XML file (usually <your_name>.wordpress.<date>.xml) to HTML extension (e.g: <your_name>.wordpress.<date>.html) — If there is a rename warning prompted, just click Yes

3) Open the renamed HTML file with Mozilla Firefox (Don’t panic with the content :-)), right click inside the opened file and choose DownThemAll! from menu

4) At DownThemAll! – Make Your Selection screen, do the following:

  • Click on Links tab
  • Save Files in: Locate your desired directory to save
  • Renaming Mask: *subdirs**name*.*ext*
  • Fast Filtering: https://<your_subdomain_name>
  • Click Start!
  • Sit back and relax 🙂

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