WordPress Images ERROR 404

Self note Scenario: Getting reports saying most of WordPress images ERROR 404. In fact, they are exists in /wp-content/uploads/* folders. Solutions: Failed — Disabled certain plugins, disabled all plugins, change uploads folder/files permission, modify .htaccess file, delete .htaccess file, change Permalinks settings to default, etc Success — Switched the PHP Date Format in General Settings from Custom … Continue reading WordPress Images ERROR 404

Tweaked header

Originally, this theme (Tracks) doesn't provide a full-width-image-header feature. Found someone raised a such request at the theme's support page. So I thought it would be great to implement on this blog. Anyway, tweaked header a little bit... hope my kids will love it (and you too). CSS used: .title-info .logo { max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%; } #title-info { position: … Continue reading Tweaked header

WordPress theme Tracks – Random background for non thumbnail posts

Just a simple note for myself, unless there is a reader out there 🙂 This article is about to modify the WordPress theme Tracks, which is basically will display a random background in non-thumbnail (featured image) posts. Here we go; Create images with name "background_1.jpg" to "background_12.jpg" in running numbers and place into "images/" folder … Continue reading WordPress theme Tracks – Random background for non thumbnail posts