Macrodroid Auto delete old WhatsApp backed up databases

This is just a simple Macrodroid auto delete old WhatsApp backed up databases. Obviously, to trim any older backed up databases so the phone memory usage (for WhatsApp folder) can be maintained low. The script find /storage/emulated/0/WhatsApp/Databases/ -type f -name '*.crypt12' -mtime +2 -exec rm {} \; Explanation First part is the path where the … Continue reading Macrodroid Auto delete old WhatsApp backed up databases

Fix or use KLWP background on lock screen

My phone: S7 Edge (Exynos) Android Nougat Issue: Applied KLWP preset does not reflect the lock screen background. Solution: Download this live wallpaper chooser. Run the installed app and apply live wallpaper for Home and Lock screen at once. Uninstall the┬álive wallpaper chooser. Restart phone. Apply the KLWP again. Notes: Not sure whether this the … Continue reading Fix or use KLWP background on lock screen

Reset Lenovo TB3-710i

Kalau anda baca artikel ni, bermakna anda adalah seorang guru yang buntu dengan tab Lenovo TB3-710i pemberian kerajaan ­čśŤ Buntu kerana? Very restricted, semua access denied. Sampaikan nak connect wifi pon access denied. Hampeh kan? ­čśÇ No worries, cuba┬álangkah-langkah mudah ni. Kalau tak berkesan, cuba Google tempat lain ­čÖé Prerequisites: Tab Lenovo TB3-710i Sim card … Continue reading Reset Lenovo TB3-710i

MacroDroid Game Mode

The idea to create this macro/automation (with┬áMacroDroid) is to reduce the power/sources consumption while my kids holding my phone... for games. Starting to higher performance, reduce to lowest performance and finally kill all the gaming apps. My phone┬áspec: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Decent UltraLite 3.0 MacroDroid Rooted with TWRP SuperSU Notorious kernel Spectrum (kernel tool) … Continue reading MacroDroid Game Mode